Friday, May 17, 2013

Art Journal Pages for the Week

Its been a couple of weeks since I have done some art journal pages.  I hurt myself pretty bad a few weeks ago and couldn't sit, stand or walk much so I was unable to do anything since I was mostly on bed rest.  Last week I started to feel a bit better so this week I was able to sit for a while and work on art journaling. It felt so good to be creative again.  Even though I am starting to feel better I have to remember not to over do it.

Created 5/13/2013

"Speak My Mind"
Created 5/14/2013
It says "I would like to speak my mind but some people wouldn't like to hear what I have to say..."

Created 5/15/2013
Who knows...  I don't like the eye on the right.  I shouldn't have drawn it.

Created 5/17/2013
Pain was bad again today.

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