Friday, April 12, 2013

Art Journal Pages for the Week

This week I was able to art journal every day except Thursday because I had a really bad migraine. I don't count weekends because I am usally too busy to work on art journaling. I also journaled a lot more than before. I usually don't write much because I like being private.  I also hate my handwriting since due to carpal tunnel my hands shake quite a bit when I do a lot of writing, drawing, crafting etc.

While searching for technique videos on youtube I came across Lesile Herger's Sharpie Ghost Technique.  I like how I can journal about anything especially something I may not wish to share but still be able to let people see the page.  One of my pages was created with this technique.  I will definitely be using this technique again in the future.

I also created a page that I really dislike and really didn't want to post.  I wasn't feeling well when I created it on Monday.  It started out fine until I created the face.  I probably should have tried to peel it off and maybe gotten something neat from it but instead I chose to finish the face off and let it be.

Here are my pages for this week.  You can click on them to get a larger image.

"I Hate Bunnies"
Started on 4/05/2013
Finished on 4/08/2013

"Who Knows...."
This is the one I dislike a lot.
Created 4/08/2013

"All Things are Possible"
This is the page that I used Lesile Herger's Sharpie Ghosting Technique.
Created on 4/09/2013

"Enjoy the Experience"
Created on 4/09/2013

"Day Dreaming"
Created on 4/10/2013

"Finding New Dreams"
Created on 4/12/2013


  1. THe bunnies is hilarious! Wonderful view into your thoughts.

    1. lol Ever since I was a kid I never liked bunnies. I'm not sure why. Then as an adult we rescued a neglected bunny and even though I was the one that would feed him, give him treats and take care of him he bit me pretty bad a couple of times for no reason. I think he liked the taste of blood. :(