Friday, April 5, 2013

Art Journal Pages for the Week

Here are the pages I created this week.  You can click the images to get a larger and easier to read version.

An Edgar Allan Poe quote.
I had created the black and purple tunnel a while ago but even though I liked it I couldn't think of what to put on it.  Then while searching for a dream quote I came across this Edgar Allan Poe quote and I thought it would be perfect for this page.  I then added the silhouette figure of a woman staring into the dark tunnel.
Created on 4/1/2013

 A Harriet Tubman quote about dreams.
I tore out pages from an old dictionary that had to do with dreams.
I then found this quote about dreams from Harriet Tubman that I really liked.
Unfortunately the glue mixed a bit with the paint I thought was dry and seeped through the quote.
Created on 4/1/2013.

"Love"I wrote love in 7 different languages. The languages are English, Spanish, German,
French, Romanian, Czech and Icelandic.
Unfortunately its hard to see all of them in the picture.
Created on 4/2/2013.

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