Friday, March 15, 2013

Art Journal Pages for this Week

Last week I didn't complete any pages but I did work on some backgrounds.  This week I was able to finish 2 pages and worked on a few more backgrounds.  Creating the backgrounds has been a lot of fun but sadly it distracts from actually finishing a page.

Here are the two I created this week.  They include my favorite and my worst that I have created so far.

I really don't like this one. Its my worst. But I told myself I would put everything I make up regardless if I hated it.
Started on 3/4/2013
Completed on 3/11/2013

This is my favorite page so far. It kind of looks like I was trying to bury the page.
Those that know me or follow this blog know I love books. My books are always in great condition. For almost all the books, you can't even tell I have read them as the spines are still like new. I won't even lend my books out because I fear people will ruin them; since it has happened in the past. So destroying a book for whatever reason is hard. Thankfully this was an old and very used dictionary I purchased at a used book store. So even though I felt wrong doing it, I eventually got over it. If it had been a novel or a classic I would probably still be upset. Yeah I guess I am weird.

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