Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Bout of Books - The Page 48 Challenge

The Page 48 Challenge is hosted by Booking In Heels.  The challenge is to turn to page 48 and take the first complete sentence and continue the story by adding 4 more sentences. We are to ignore the plot and anything we know about the story.

I am currently reading - Vampire Kisses by Ellen Schreiber.

The first complete sentence on page 48 is..

Suddenly the headlights illuminated a figure in the middle of the road.

Here is my story. Its completely unrelated to the book.

Suddenly the headlights illuminated a figure in the middle of the road.  Maggie screamed and quickly pressed down on the breaks as she gripped the steering wheel tightly. There was a loud thud as the figure hit the car. Maggie's heart raced as she quickly looked around and at the mirrors but couldn't see anyone through the fog.  She quickly unbuckled her seat belt and exited the car.  She looked in front and behind the car but didn't find anyone.  Her stomach turned as she wondered if maybe the person was pinned under the car.  She slowly got down on her knees, taking a deep breath before looking under the car but there was no one there.  She was starting to wonder if she had imagined it when she suddenly felt like someone was behind her.  Her heart started racing again and she slowly turned around but before she could scream the figure surrounded her and they vanished.


  1. Oh wow! Awesome entry for the Page 48 challenge. Sooooo creepy :) It's been forever since I read Vampire Kisses - I hope you're enjoying it!

    My Page 48 challenge is here if you'd like a look :)

  2. Ooooh very scary :) I wonder who/what it was!