Sunday, January 13, 2013

Bout of Books 6.0 - The New Year's Resolution Challenge

This challenge is hosted by Ex Libris.  The challenge is to select a book and choose one or more characters and write what their resolutions might be.

I am currently reading The Morganville Vampires: Lord of Misrule.

Claire Danvers- To find the cure for the disease that will eventually befall all the vampires.  Then maybe Amelie will let her out of her "contract".  Doubtful that Amelie will but Claire could hope. Also stop being reckless.

Monica Morrell - To start being nice to people because if not someone will kill her.  Heck I'm surprised someone hasn't already.

Eve Rosser - To be more trusting of Michael.  He obviously loves her so she needs to chill.  Morganville is different from other towns with its own set of rules.  If Michael doesn't include her in something he must have his reasons; like protecting her.  In the previous book (Feast of Fools) she got crazy mad because he wouldn't take her to a vampire ball and was instead taking Monica.  He of course had a reason. He was protecting her because the human guests taken to the ball were essentially offerings to Bishop. 

Amelie - Start showing Claire that she actually cares for her instead of acting like she is only property. 

Shane Collins - To learn to control his anger and to stop giving Michael such a hard time for being a vampire when he knows good and well that Michael only did it so that he could protect them better.

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