Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Bout of Books 6.0 - Guess the Cover Challenge

Mandi of Never Too Fond of Books hosted the Guess the Cover Challenge yesterday.  Though I submitted my answers yesterday, I didn't post them here til after the challenge was over.  The challenge was to identify the books from a small section of its cover.  I unfortunately didn't start working on the challenge till 10 minutes before midnight.  Thankfully I knew quite a few of them and only had to search for a few.  One was hard though but with only 4 minutes til midnight I just guessed and of course guessed incorrectly. The challenge was fun though.  Guess the cover challenges are one of my favorite read-a-thon challenges.

Never Too Fond of Books

Here are my answers.

  1. Clockwork Princess
  2. The Indigo Spell
  3. Requiem
  4. Mind Games
  5. Unravel Me
  6. Scarlet
  7. Mila 2.0 (This one is actually incorrect.  The correct answer is Prodigy.)
  8. The Madman's Daughter
  9. Dead Ever After
  10. Teeth
  11. Out of the Easy
  12. Shades of Earth
  13. Fragments
  14. Boundless
  15. Asunder
  16. The Nightmare Affair
  17. The Girl with the Iron Touch
  18. Revenge of the Girl with the Great Personality
  19. Rise
  20. Ever After
  21. The Lives We Lost
  22. With All My Soul
  23. Unbreakable
  24. The Elite
  25. Sever

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