Tuesday, December 4, 2012

My Two Day Read-a-thon

Well there are only 27 days left til the end of the year and I am very behind on my reading challenges.  I couldn't find any read-a-thons for this month so I decided to make my own personal read-a-thon.  I prefer shorter read-a-thons since I can put off doing chores, life, etc aside for a day or two.  So I decided to do a two day read-a-thon from December 5th thru December 6th.  Since this isn't an actual read-a-thon I won't be distracted by challenges which I enjoy doing but tend to take away from reading.  I may do another read-a-thon or try to find one at the end of the month depending on how far behind I still am. 

My goals are as follows.

  • Read for a minimum of 10 hours each day.
  • Finish all the books I am currently reading.
  • Finish at least 5 more books for Reading Challenges.

Books I need to finish.

Page 15 of 416

57% of 100%

33% of 100%

2% of 100%

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