Friday, December 7, 2012

Completed - Free Reads 2012

Challenge is hosted by Bookish Ardour. Challenge was completed 10/20/2012. I read a total of 72 books towards this challenge.

My level is going to be "On the Cheap" (15 Books). (Completed 4/21/2012)
My New level is going to be "Bargain" (30 Books) (Completed 5/20/2012)
My New level is going to be "Presents" (50 Books) (Completed 10/20/2012)

Books Read

Ill Wind
Clockwork Fagin
The Time Machine
The Scarlet Letter
The Age of Innocence
The Phantom of the Opera
52 Small Changes: One Year To A Happier, Healthier You
The Beginning
Reaper II: Neophyte
Witch's Brew

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