Sunday, October 7, 2012

Wrap Up for Frightfall Read-a-thon!

Well today was the last day of the Frightfall Read-a-thon.   I was able to read more than I thought I could.  Though I am still behind on my yearly goal but at least I am not as far behind as I was before.  Hopefully before the end of the month I can catch up because most of November I will be very busy.

Thanks again Michelle of The True Book Addict for hosting this read-a-thon!  Thanks also to Nova of My Seryniti and Melissa of Must Read Faster for hosting the mini-challenges!

Books Read - 4 1/2

56% Read

Number of Pages Read - 1138

Challenges Completed - 2



  1. Great job, Mel! I hope you enjoyed the read-a-thon and will join me for A Winter's Respite in January.

    1. I did. I will definitely be joining for A Winter's Respite. :)