Monday, October 1, 2012

FrightFall Read-a-thon Starts Today!

I decided to take part in Michelle's FrightFall Read-a-thon.  It is from October 1st thru October 7th. 

I am hoping to read at least 2 novels plus a graphic novel.  Below are the books I plan to read.  Feed has been on my bookshelf for years, Assimilation 2 I have been looking forward to reading and received it this weekend and Paranormalcy is the book of the month for the goodreads group Fantasy and Vampire Book Club. The books may change depending on how things go.  Hopefully I can read more but my hubby is on vacation for our 11th wedding anniversary and I would like to spend time with him.

Thanks Michelle for hosting another read-a-thon!!


  1. So glad you're joining me again, Mel. You have a great list there. Who can argue with Star Trek (yes, I'm a Trekkie)! And I've been wanting to read Feed for years. Hope I win it in Nova's mini-challenge. ;O) Enjoy your reading this week.

    1. Thank you Michelle! I love Star Trek though I don't care for the original series but I do like some of the original series movies. TNG is my favorite. The graphic novel also has Doctor Who which I love as well. Good luck on the mini-challenge!