Friday, May 4, 2012

April Photo Scavenger Hunt

For this month I decided to use my cell phone camera to take all my pictures for the scavenger hunt.  It actually takes good pictures with the exception of macro shots and very low lighting.

Thanks again Kathy of Postcards from the P.P for hosting this scavenger hunt. Here is a link to other participating blogs.


My husband doesn't like pictures taken so here is a card he gave me.  He is always getting me a little something like cards, treats and flowers.  =)

can't live without


I missed this one..


Rita's Custard...Yummy!


Flowers at a local farm.

on the move

Waffles wanted to play but Chessie didn't want to.


Peace Rock -


A smile sticker on a postcard I was sending.


Cell phone camera is not that great with macro items.


Apple Dumpling



  1. I love Chessie trying to get away from Waffles.

    I have used my creepy doll head for the scavenger hunt before. This time I prettied her up a bit with some lipstick, since it was about the smile!

    1. Thank you. I knew I had seen her before. =)

  2. Thanks for your comment! I like your 'on the move' photo too! What a lovely husband you have - my Dave has only just mastered getting me a birthday card and I've had one bunch of flowers in 6 years, haha!

  3. Love the pic of your cats :-)

  4. Great set of photos. I like your sign and the smile sticker. I use my mobile for photos when I haven't got my camera on me and they come out very well, as have yours. Patricia

  5. The apple dumpling looks delicious and Waffles and Chessie are lovely.

  6. Hi Mel! Ooooh your cats look so luxurious!! WHat beautiful colours!!! The smile one is a sweet idea too! It's amazing how good phone cameras are nowadays. On the note of the postcard, I love reading books too and I did hte 100 in a year challenge, 3 years ago (almost three! I did it in 2009!!) which I charted on my blog. I found it easy at first and then harder towards the end. I think I got to 103! IN subsequent years, I reduced it to 52, though tried to do a 52 author challenge! This year, I haevn;t set a target as such (am on about 20 now- not good!) but I always chart them! How are you getting on with the challenge? I'd like to follow and see how you get on!!! If I can work out how to do it via GFC- I'm so used to doing it through Blogger follower and it doesn't appear to be there as an option anymore!

    1. Thank you! So far I have read 40 books. It hasn't been too bad. I have been participating in read-a-thons and I think it helps. I had fallen behind but then participated in 2 read-a-thons and got ahead. I'm also participating in several different reading challenges. Not sure if I will be able to complete them all. I think I may have participated in too many. Thank you for following me. What is your blog address so I can follow you? Do you have a goodreads account? Here is mine -

  7. A lovely set of photos. I like your husbands card and the cats.

  8. Love the post card about your the click to my clack. Nice set of photos for the scavenger hunt. Don't you find it hard to get a photo or your cat? Mine can't hold still for a second.

    1. Thank you! Yes sometimes it can be difficult. I have a lot of blurry pictures. Most of my good ones are when they are sleeping.

  9. oooh ma gooderyness, dat apple dumperlin looks grayte! Nummers, Posie, xox