Sunday, April 29, 2012

Spring into Horror Read-a-thon - Day 6

Today I was able to get a little reading done.  I finished Hollowmen and enjoyed it.  I also did some of the challenges. Tomorrow I probably won't be able to get any reading done as I will be cooking most of the day and family is coming over but if I can I will squeeze in some reading.

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Spring into Horror Read-a-thon Challenge 3 - Survey

1.) What do you define HORROR genre as?
Scary, deals with your fears and nightmares

2.) What is your favorite sub-genre of HORROR (paranormal, devil/death, supernatural, blood and gore, etc.)
I love the zombie sub-genre of horror.  

3.) What do you want to see more from writers in the HORROR field?
I'm not sure if I have become immune to horror but books now a days don't give me the "chill up the spine" effect or looking over the shoulder. So maybe more scary horror.  Also scarier vampire books and less sparkly, touchy-feely vampires.

4.) Favorite HORROR movie and why?
Hmm..2 movies come to mind. Resident Evil because it has zombies, action and some scary scenes.  Plus I love the Resident Evil games.  I am Legend because I loved how Will Smith played Robert Neville, the last man in the city, who had started to lose his mind from being alone.

5.) Favorite HORROR authors and why?
Despite the fact that horror is my favorite genre I really don't have a favorite author. 

6.) What other elements do you like in your HORROR books (mystery, thriller, romance, historical, etc.)?
I enjoy any of those elements in horror though I don't enjoy a lot of romance in a horror book.

7.) What is you favorite HORROR book of all time?
I am Legend

8.) What do you like most about this Spring into Horror read-a-thon?
Reading and interacting with new people that also like read.  Most of my friends don't really enjoy reading so we never talk about books.  

9.) Why do you think people read HORROR?
For the thrill.  Its fun.

10.) Your favorite name of a character in a HORROR book?

I don't go camping or anything like that so I don't think I would last very long.

1 - Flint and steel because it would last a lot longer than matches and lighters.
2 - Canteen and Pocket microfilter for water and replacement elements for it
3 - Tent and sleeping bag
4 - Plenty of non-perishable foods
5 - Warm clothes
6 - Back pack to store everything
7 - Gun with plenty of bullets
8 - Tactical/Combat Knife
9 - A pot for cooking and can opener
10 - Crank flashlight

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  1. I love your survey answers. Since you liked Matheson's I am Legend so well, have you read Hell House? It's my favorite horror novel and it definitely delivers the chills. I really liked I am Legend too.

    Love your survival answers too. I think we had some similar answers. =O)

    You are doing such a great job! I think if we were to award for the most read, there's a good chance you would win.

    Enjoy your day with the family tomorrow.