Tuesday, November 1, 2011

October Photo Scavenger Hunt

When I first saw the list I had wanted to try to make as many pictures possible based on Halloween but I remembered we were going away for a few days to the New England states so I knew I would use some pictures from there as well even if they weren't Halloween-like. I only really had a hard time with sunset and fog/mist.

Thanks again Kathy of Postcards from the P.P for hosting this scavenger hunt. Here is a link to other participating blogs.

a black cat

I took this picture at a local farm.  I had wanted to take a picture of the neighborhood black cat that is always around but this month she never came around.  It was like she knew I wanted to take a picture of her.


I like how you can only see the flames of the smaller ones in the reflection that is on the larger one.

crunchy leaves

Some crunchy leaves in Vermont.


This was the best picture I could get of fog.  I took this picture looking out of a window at the Submarine Force Museum in Connecticut.


Golden fan at China Mei Restaurant in Vermont.

graffiti/street art

Street art of dancers found in a small alley in Phoenixville.


Lighthouses are a part of America's maritime heritage.  This is a picture of Portland Head Light located in Cape Elizabeth, Maine.  Took this picture during our vacation to the New England States.


Pumpkins at a local farm.


River in Rhode Island.

something eerie

It was difficult to find something eerie.  People only seem to decorate with cutesy decorations.  If I could decorate where I currently live; it would not be cutesy.  Many people think cemeteries, especially older cemeteries are creepy.  This is a picture I took at Old Burying Point cemetary in Salem, Massachusetts.


This month I had no luck taking a picture of the sun setting.  It was always cloudy.  So instead here is a picture of sunset wheat beer.

witch's hat/broomstick

I took this picture at a local farm.


  1. Well improvised with the sunset photo!
    Love the black cat - typical of the real one not to appear when you want it to.

  2. I had problems with the sunset picture as well. I love the street art one.

  3. Love your take on sunset! You've taken some great photos. Love the fan, street art and lighthouse. Funny about the neighbourhood black cat - our neighbourhood one was kind enough to visit the garden a few times this month:)

  4. I found 'eerie' hard too. I love the pumpkins photo and the lighthouse. Sunset was also a challenge this month! I didn't see any until sunday - just in time!

  5. how good is that street art, and good interpretation of the sunset brief :)

  6. I love that little black cat and the heritage shots!

  7. That's a great selection of pictures, I particulalrly like the one with the lighthouse.