Wednesday, August 31, 2011

August Photo Scavenger Hunt

Here are the pictures for the photo scavenger hunt. Had a bit of a hard time with some of these. Thanks again Kathy of Postcards from the P.P for hosting this scavenger hunt. Here is a link to other participating blogs.

a boat

Took this at Red Lobster.

a festival or funfair

I took this at the Mother of Divine Providence Community Carnival in King of Prussia.

a fountain

I knew I could find fountains in King of Prussia because I have seen them before and decided to do the one at the convention center but they have not had it on all month.  The others I have seen I couldn't remember where exactly they were so we drove all over King of Prussia and finally found this one.  

a picnic

Had a hard time with this one.  We never have them and I couldn't find anyone having a picnic.  Probably do to all of the rain this month.  I know its only a picnic table but it was the best I could do.  =(

a sport

Due to all the storms here I wasn't able to get pictures of any of the sports.  So I asked my nephew to help me out.  Unfortunately on this day there were thunderstorms all day.



This is the fabric from my wedding dress.


This is part of the Phoenixville Farmer's Market.


We went to Mount Misery in Valley Forge National Historical Park and we followed the trail for a bit.  This is a picture of the trail going up the mountain.

I was told the above picture only looks like trees and not really a mountain so here is another shot of the mountain but from afar.  Took this Saturday afternoon before Hurricane Irene.

something ancient

I had planned on taking pictures of dinosaur bones since we were going to the Academy of Natural Sciences this past weekend but due to Hurricane Irene we had to postpone the trip.  I couldn't think of anything ancient so I went to Valley Forge National Historical Park and took a picture of the house George Washington rented to use as his headquarters during the winter encampment of the Continental Army during 1777-1778.  The house was built around 1770 by Issac Potts.  So its only around 241 years old.

something bizarre

We were driving out of the BJ's Warehouse parking lot when we noticed this.   We sorta did a double-take when we saw this.  We drove back around so I could take a few pictures.  The inflatable cow was in the drivers seat of a Cabot Cheese car.

street food


  1. An interesting collection of photos. I liked the August list but the new one for September has left me feeling rather unispired so I don't think I'll struggle a bit with that one!

  2. Oops that 'don't' was not meant to be in that sentence - I meant to say I think I'll struggle with that one!

  3. Bizarre was worth a double take for sure! Nice job!

  4. Nice photos, I've struggled with this month's too.

  5. @Louise - Thank you! I'm probably going to have some trouble with a few in September's list.

    @Patrice - Thank you!

    @Little Blue Mouse - Thank you! All the rain get in the way. =(

  6. Great photos - love the bizarre one and the house looks lovely for ancient. I've struggled to find some of the topics this time around:)

  7. It is a very lovely old house - yes I am going to find some of the pics for Sept a challenge, better get creative!

  8. @Rosie and @stitchesoftime - Thank you! I'm going to struggle with some in September too.