Sunday, July 31, 2011

July Photo Scavenger Hunt

Here are the pictures for the photo scavenger hunt.  Thanks Kathy of Postcards from the P.P for hosting this scavenger hunt.  It was my first one and I had fun doing it. I plan on doing August's Scavenger Hunt.  Here is a link to other participating blogs.

a flag

I took several pictures of flags.  Some were very good but out of all of them I liked this one best.  I took this at the post office near Valley Forge National Historical Park.

a kite

This is a kite mural on Bridge Street in Phoenixville.


The weekend of  July 8th thru the 10th the town I live in, Phoenixville celebrated Blobfest. The town's theater the Colonial Theatre was used in the movie as well as a few other locations. The festivities started on Friday night July 8th with the theater run out. The town re-enacts the theater scene from the 1958 movie where the audience runs out of the theater fleeing the blob who has eaten the projectionist and is attacking the audience. On Saturday they had a streetfair with various activities and contests. Throughout the whole weekend The Blob was being shown at the Colonial Theatre.

This is the best picture I could get for celebration though its not the greatest.


Corn Fields in Collegeville.

flip flops

ice cream

Took this picture at the Pit Stop in Collegeville.

red, white and blue

This is a picture from the fireworks display held in my town on the 4th of July.


Well I don't go to beaches nor do I eat oysters or clams so this one was hard to find.  I finally found it at K-mart in the bath section.  This was the best I could do.  For some reason I just thought it was seashell so I only took a picture of one rather than several.  =(

something that makes you happy (not a person or an animal!)

After much debating I finally got a kindle and I love it.  Reading makes me happy.  Here is a picture of Coco borrowing my kindle.


Some decorations left over from the 4th of July festivities.  This star has many little stars attached to it.


Strawberries are one of my favorite fruits.  We bought these at BJ's Warehouse.  They were very yummy.


This is from an old barber shop that is about 3 blocks from where I live.

There are 2 ideas as to why barber poles in the U.S. are red, white & blue; the first is that its for the national colors and the second is that red represents arterial blood, blue represents venous blood and white is for bandages.


  1. The photo of Coco reading your Kindle is adorable!!

  2. Great photos!
    There's definitely more than one sea shell there.
    Coco reading your Kindle is so cute!

  3. Awwww, Coco! And a Barber's pole...that's not something I see much around here anymore! I really like that one! Great photos! Look forward to seeing you again next month! Annette

  4. I have enjoyed your photos and having at peek at your part of the world!

    In the UK our barbers poles are very similar but just red and white, no blue. I have often wondered why they all have the same poles!

    Blobfest sounds interesting!

    Glad you enjpyed your first scavenger hunt - I think it's great fun and I've definitely noticed a lot more since I started in January! I look forward to seeing your photos next month.


  5. I love your photos for July ... they're exactly what I had in mind for all the celebrations in July ..... all the red, white and blues and flags!
    Thanks for joining in! See you next month1

  6. Thank you all for your comments!! I'm glad you liked my photos! =)

    @J & Little Blue Mouse - I'm glad you both like Coco. =) He loves taking pictures so he is always happy to help out.

    @Annette - I'm glad you like Coco and the barber pole. =) Barber poles are rare around here as well. Usually they can only be found on old shops. Barber shops themselves are rare as well.

    @Louise - My town is constantly celebrating something. I didn't have any other celebrations going on so I decided to attend Blobfest for the first time. It was also the first celebration for my town that I have attended and I have lived here 5 years. It was interesting..

    @Kathy - Thank you for hosting the scavenger hunt! I'm glad you like my photos! =)

  7. I enjoyed looking at your photo selections :) I love my e-reader too!

  8. @Glo I'm glad you enjoyed them! =)