Saturday, June 11, 2011

Photo Idea

Well today I decided to use one of my plush animals in my picture.  I decided to use Coco who is special since I received him from a friend when I was in the hospital last year.  I decided to take him to the park across the street.  I actually had fun and felt comfortable taking the pictures.  I wish I felt like that most of the time.  Often though I feel like I'm forcing it and I rarely like my pictures. I even created a little story for Coco.  Some people will probably think I am crazy but oh well.  I like it and think its fun.

I'm constantly having trouble finding ideas for my 365 Project but this idea came easily.  I've started compiling a list of ideas for pictures but a lot of them require traveling which I can only do during the weekends so I have to come up with a list of ideas I can do when I am home during the week.  If anyone has any ideas I would greatly appreciate it.

I will put up Coco's pictures sometime tomorrow.

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