Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hubby's 30th Birthday

My husband turned the big 3-0 today much to his chagrin. He doesn't want to acknowledge he is an adult. Even though he really didn't want anything for his birthday since we are spending a little fortune this weekend on a pig roast party to celebrate I still got him a little something, well 3 little somethings because he deserves it.  I bought him RoboRally a game he really enjoyed as a kid and I got him 2 expansions for Carcassonne.

We then went to Famous Dave's in Springfield for a late lunch. We decided on getting the Feast for 2 which is half a chicken, half a rack of ribs, Texas brisket, lots of potato wedges, baked beans, coleslaw, 2 corn on the cob and 2 corn muffins which was served on a metal trash can lid. Thankfully we didn't order appetizers as we were unable to eat all of that.  We stopped before we got stuffed so we could have room for dessert.  We however failed to realize that desserts were also big portions.  They could feed 2 people and we had each ordered one!  Hubby got pecan pie which came with 2 scoops of ice cream and whip cream and I got bread pudding with 2 scoops of ice cream and whip cream.  I was barely able to eat half of mine.  All the food was really good.  Definitely worth the 45 minute drive and cost. We actually have a full meal of left overs for one of us.  Hmm...wonder which one of us will get it....

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  1. You can have it! You didn't eat your chicken at the restaurant so it's rightfully yours.