Tuesday, March 8, 2011

32 Things by 32

I'm doing a 32 Things by 32 list this year. I first saw this on Sarah Von's website yesandyes.  Basically how ever old you are going to be that is how many things you must do.  Sarah's lists are always new things she wants to do or try but I find its not always easy to find all new things I wish to do. I did one when I was going to turn 30  and did all but 1 item. I however didn't do one when I was going to turn 31 as I wasn't motivated. I think lists like these are good they are small and since they are due in a year the likelihood that I would lose interested in something I had listed is slim.  I am currently doing 101 Things in 1001 Days list and I have realized a lot of the items listed I am no longer interested in or I prefer something else. 

The last time I did this list I had a hard time coming up with new things to do.  This time I think I did a better job at having only new things.  Below you can find my list and it can also be found in the page menu located at the top of my blog.

1 - Participate in Operation Beautiful
2 - Participate in Craft it Forward
3 - Participate in Operation Nice
4 - Participate in 365 Project
5 - Participate in a Read-a-thon
6 - Participate in a Photo Scavenger Hunt
7 - Attend a Scrapbooking/Craft Convention/Show
8 - Leave a Peace Rock for a Stranger
9 - Make Inspirational/Motivational goody boxes for friends
10 - Create a Shadow Box Display
11 - Create a Collage Canvas
12 - Create a Mosaic
13 - Make my own Journal/Notebook
14 - Host a Game Night
15 - Buy a Kindle
16 - Participate in Postcrossing
17 - Identify 100 things that make me happy
18 - Collect postcards from all 50 States
19 - Send a care package to a soldier
20 - Re-purpose something
21 - Visit at least 4 of the Smithsonian Museums
22 - Complete the Serial Killer Reader Challenge (However I refuse to join a Romance Group so I will track it on my own.
23 - Make a Dream/Wish Jar
24 - Buy ArtRage Deluxe 2.5 or similar drawing software
25 - Buy a Wacom Bamboo Pen Tablet or similar drawing tablet
26 -Find or Create a resistance training workout and do it
27 - Do the 200 Hundred Situp Challenge
28 - Go to one of the Restaurants featured on Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives or Man vs Food
29 - Create a Zentangle
30 - Create my own recipe for Bacon Cupcakes
31 - Start & Finish a Roger Burrows Images Coloring Book
32 - Donate 20 trees through Answer4Earth.com (0/20)

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