Sunday, January 5, 2014

Bout of Books 9.0

I like starting the year with a read-a-thon so I have decided to participate in Bout of Books.   Bout of Books is a week long read-a-thon.  It starts on January 6th and ends January 12th

My goals however will be small as I am busy doing several other things

1 -  Read a little every day.
2 - To at least start and finish Alice in Zombieland and one other book.

I will be posting my updates below.

Monday, January 6th
Books Finished Today: 0
# of Pages Read: 18
Books Completed Today: 0
Currently Reading: Alice in Zombieland
Notes: Feeling horrible today so not much reading.

Tuesday, January 7th
Books Finished Today: 0
Total # of Books Read: 0
# of Pages Read: 42
Total # of Pages Read: 60
Books Completed Today: N/A
Books Read So Far: N/A
Currently Reading: Alice in Zombieland
Notes: Headaches still getting in the way.

Wednesday, January 8th
Books Finished Today: 0
Total # of Books Read: 0
# of Pages Read: 44
Total # of Pages Read: 104
Books Completed Today: N/A
Books Read So Far: N/A
Currently Reading: Alice in Zombieland
Notes: Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

Thursday, January 9th
Books Finished Today: 0
Total # of Books Read: 0
# of Pages Read: 151
Total # of Pages Read: 255
Books Completed Today: N/A
Books Read So Far: N/A
Currently Reading: Alice in Zombieland
Notes: No headache today so I was able to read a bit more.

Friday, January 10th
Books Finished Today: 0
Total # of Books Read: 0
# of Pages Read: 52
Total # of Pages Read: 307
Books Completed Today: N/A
Books Read So Far: N/A
Currently Reading: Alice in Zombieland
Notes: I should be able to finish the book this weekend.

Saturday, January 11th
Books Finished Today: 0
Total # of Books Read: 0
# of Pages Read: 58
Total # of Pages Read: 365
Books Completed Today: N/A
Books Read So Far: N/A
Currently Reading: Alice in Zombieland

Sunday, January 12th
Books Finished Today: 1
Total # of Books Read: 1
# of Pages Read: 39
Total # of Pages Read: 404
Books Completed Today: Alice in Zombieland
Books Read So Far: Alice in Zombieland
Notes: Well I was able to at least finish 1 book despite headaches this week.  So I guess I didn't do too bad.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Goals for 2014

Its another new year so time for some goals. Hopefully this year I can complete a few more than last year.


1 - Do art everyday.

2 - Learn or create new fonts to use in my art.

3 - Finish my second art journal.

4 - Work on Journal Fodder 365.

5 - Work on The Documented Life Project.

6 - Work on the Shared Journal Project.

7 - Practice drawing faces.

8 - Host an atc swap.

9 - Create a zine with a selection of my art from 2013.


1 - Start an exercise routine.

2 - Eat healthier.

3 - Lose at least 20 lbs.

4 - Keep in touch with friends.

5 - Complete 2 items from my long list.

6 - Make 1 new recipe a week from cookbooks I own.

7 - Find 1 inspirational quote a week.


1 - Change name

2 - Update website

3 - Upload more to zazzle.

4 - More original atcs.

5 - More atc prints.

6 - Original postcards

7 - Greeting/Note cards

8 - Bookmarks

9 - Mini canvases

10 - Zentangle mini figures

11 - Cthulhu series

12 - Coloring Books

13 - Mini rubiks cubes


1 - Organize desk area 

2 - Clean & Organize garage

3 - Paint Garage

4 - Organize storage areas

5 - Paint stairs, bathroom and bedroom

6 - Save for a second vacuum

7 - Buy a new t.v.


1 - Organize files on computer

2 - Organize Emails

3 - Save for a Microsoft Surface Pro or similar laptop.

4 - Read at least 50 books.

5 - Write a short story

6 - Participate in at least 3 read-a-thons

Outcome of 2013 Goals

I didn't do well on my 2013 goals.  I was very busy so I forgot about all the things I had wanted to do.  I completed 13 out of 27.  I did reopen my etsy shop and this time around it only includes my art.  I also made two new friends who enjoy art as much as I do.

Completed goals are in bold and uncompleted goals are in red.  

Reading & Writing Goals

1 - Read at least 100 Books.  My TBR pile is still huge.  This year I hope to read more of the books I have had for a while. 

2 - Complete at least 6 Read-a-thons.

3 - Complete at least 6 Reading Challenges. 

4 - Start the 1 Million Pages Read in a lifetime.

  • I started the challenge and so far have read 20,045.

5 - Host at least 2 mini challenges in the read-a-thons I participate in.

  • I only hosted 1 mini challenge.  I was too busy to do another and I was a bit disappointed on the turn out of the first.

6 - Review at least 1 Book.  I had wanted to do this last year but didn't.  If anyone has any tips they would be appreciated.

7 - Write at least 2 short stories.

8 - Begin editing my novel.

9 - Work on the Q & A a day 5-Year journal.

  • Started and completed the first year and no working on the second year.

Health Goals

1 - Reach this years goal weight of 200 lbs by the end of the year.

2 - Get back to exercising at least 3 times a week.  Include weight lifting into my routine.

3 - Get back to eating healthy.

Blogging Goals

1 - 104 Posts in 52 weeks

2 - New layout or new header image.

3 - New layout for my store website.

4 - Comment more on the blogs I follow. 

  • I did better but still not where I want to be.

Miscellaneous Goals

1 - Date Night at least 2 times a month.

2 - Game Night at least 2 times a month.

3 - Work on products for my store.

4 - Shelves in Basement for Kitties.

5 - Start an Art Journal.

  • I start one in February and completed it.  I am also working on a few others.  You can view them on my art website - Unwavering Imagination.

6 - Organize my craft supply area so its easier to find things.

7 - Complete 2 items from my long list.

  • I completed visit Eastern State Penitentiary, Start an Art Journal and Create Artist Trading Cards (ATCs).  I also crossed out Delaware from my state list.

8 - Organize files on my computer.

9 - Organize my email accounts.

  • I did this and then they were bad again. 

10 - Create a better schedule.

11 - Practice driving more though I am terrified of driving.  =(

  • I didn't practice at all.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Reading Stats for 2013 and New Challenge for 2014

Last year I was able to read 102 books for a total of 20,045 pages. Completed 10 out of the 13 reading challenges and participated in 5 read-a-thons.

This year I plan on doing several art challenges as well as I have a few other things going on so I have decided to only participate in the Goodreads challenge.  I also lowered my goal for books to read to 50.  I would like to participate in at least 3 read-a-thons.

To view the challenges and read-a-thons I participated in 2013 click here.
To view the books I read in 2013 click here.

Failed Reading Challenges

I was unable to complete the following reading challenges. Two were almost complete and one I completely forgot about.

My level was "Two Chomps" (12 Books) but I was only able to read 9 books.

Books Read

My level was going to be "Geared" (5 Books) but I didn't read any steampunk books.

Books Read

Click here to see the list of the keywords that can be used each month. I couldn't remember if you could also use words similar to the keyword so I went to check the challenge's page but the site was no longer available. I decided to also include words that were similar to the keyword.  Unfortunately I completely forgot to do it in September.

Keyword used White.

Keyword used Love.

Keyword used Farm.

Keyword used Little.

Keyword used Bird.

Keyword used Island.

Keyword used Spy.

Keyword used Food.

Keyword used ---.

Keyword used Murder.

Keyword used Brave.

Keyword used Time.